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AA Connect


** This app is only accessible to AA Members who have pre-registered for the AA Connect service. Before you can use the app you will need to sign up and accept the T&C’s on and then install your AA Connect device in your car.**AA Connect puts you in charge. Learn to drive more efficiently with insight into how you drive, see where your vehicle has been and monitor the health of your car with things like battery power. The built-in vehicle diagnostics system will monitor your car for any faults so you can get them sorted before they become a bigger problem.The app has the following features:Battery Health – Monitors your vehicles battery and provides a simple Red/Amber/Green indicator of battery health, helping you to identify any issues before it goes flat.
Vehicle Faults – Monitors your vehicle’s status and displays any reported fault codes, helping to highlight issues before they develop into more serious problems and ensuring you are well informed when discussing the health of your vehicle.
My Driving – Rates your driving over time including a detailed breakdown of your individual driving style to highlight areas that can be focused on for more efficient driving.
My Journeys – The details of your journeys are automatically stored for later review on a map. Ideal for completing mileage expenses.
Live Dashboard – View the driving score for your current journey, see how far you’ve travelled and your current location. The phone should be secured using a suitable holder before using this feature.
Find My Car – Walking directions from you to your vehicle are available with a simple tap. Ideal if you often park in unfamiliar places.
If you have any questions about AA Connect please email the team at